Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer is Heating Up

The MaleMen head into their fourth week and are just getting warmed up. Ticket sales are increasing every week, so with only 13 more weeks left, be sure to reserve your ladies night out to Tahoe's only male revue - The Male Room. Also be sure to check out the new Male Room Facebook page here and give our boys a like... not a lick...a like... or maybe both.

While on a liking spree, check out the Champagne Productions AND the Sweet Talk Facebook pages. Here you will kept up to date on every project Champagne Productions is working on. You never know what we will be doing next.

Also, here is the newly released Sweet Talk promotional video in case you missed it last winter, or you would like to reminisce on your visit to the "delicious electro-cirque kiss."

Please keep your eyes open for all of Champagne Productions' upcoming event and involvements. Lots of love from CP's owner, Jess.